Our first unit of study this was "Welcome to Pre-K". This was a great way to start the year beccause this topic introduced students to each other and to our program. We built a sense of community in our classroom by expressing and identifying our feelings and learning the names of our classmates. We continue with our theme My community and Me, in our second unit of study, "My Five Sense". We will learn how our senses help us explore the world around us. 

In this unit of study, students will learn:

  • There are 5 senses (taste, smell, hearing, touch, sight).
  • We use our senses to understand our bodies.

Our focus questions will be:

  • How do we use our sense of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch?
  • How do our senses help us explore, investigate and understand the world around us?

    Important Update

    Families who have previously chosen remote only learning will have one opportunity to opt into blended learning for the remainder of the school year between November 2nd and November 15th through the Learning Preference Survey. 

    Students who change from remote to blended will begin in-person between the weeks of November 30th and December 7th and will be informed by our school their start date and schedule. We will make every effort to accomodate these requests based on programming and space capacity. 

    Families will always have the option of choosing to have their child attend school solely through remote learning at any time. 

    Important Dates

    November 2nd to 15th - Blended Learning Opt in Period

    November 3rd – Remote Learning for ALL students 

    November 4th & 5th- Parents Teacher Conferences

    November 11th- Veterans Day - School Closed

    November 23rd-25th - Multicultural Celebration

    November 26th & 27th- School Closed

    A Note from Ms. Lorna

    We started the school year in Art by making lines; exploring with a variety of materials including crayon, oil pastel, pencil and paint. In November, we will be making collages using materials in two main categories: visual and tactile. We will use collage materials such as pre-cut paper shapes, ripped paper, and various textured items, including objects collected from nature. Important concepts and art elements wil be discussed: shapes, texture, layering and overlapping. The collage unit will also connect to the classroom unit, "My Five Senses".

    Music with Ms. Sarah

    I have been having so much fun making music with you, both over Zoom and by following along with the work you submit on Google Classroom. In November, we are going to continue to develop each of our four voices: talking, calling, whispher and singing voices. Sometimes we will integrate to my self-paced lessons. So far, everyone should have a shaker!

    I seek to help motivate a few musicians inside of each student: the performer, the composer, the dancer, the listener, etc. You'll notice that we have been building a foundation, slowly introducing instruments and ideas. In the second half of the year, we will get more outlandish with our movements and imaginations! 

    @ 4th AVENUE
    November 3rd
    Remote Day for ALL students
    November 4th & 5th
    Remote Parent Teacher Conferences 
    November 11th
    Veteran's Day - School Closed
    November 26 & 27th
    Thanksgiving Recess 
    School Closed
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