This month we will start a new unit of study “Light”. Children move from exploring various modes and aspects of transportation to inquiring and thinking critically about light, darkness and shadows. In this unit, children have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of natural and man-made sources of light. Activities throughout the unit prompt children to explore light, darkness and shadows with hands- on materials as well as provide opportunities for children to make predictions and think about their world in increasingly abstract ways. 

In this unit of study, students will learn: 
· There are many types of lights in our homes and our cities.
· Light helps us see and stay warm.
· Light helps plants grow. 
· When there is little or no light it is dark. 
· Shadows appear when an object blocks light. 

Spotlight on Learn at Home Activities 

Turn out the lights and use a lamp or flashlight (or the light on your mobile device) to make shadows on a wall or floor. Move your bodies or hands closer to and further from the light and note what happens. Think with your child about other ways you might create shadows too. 

Read Everything 
Note the words you see wherever you are. For example, you might point out street signs, labels, and even cereal boxes you and your child see as you spend the day together.

*Share the exciting news that the 3-K and Pre-K applications for Fall 2021 are now open! Families can apply online at, or over the phone by calling 718-935-2009.

Art with Ms. Lorna

In Art we have been working with a range of materials to make modes of transportation as part of our “Transportation” unit. In March we will begin our “Light” unit. We will be painting—mixing colors and using white and black to make tints and shades. Additionally, we will be exploring with reflective, transparent, and opaque materials.

Music with Ms. Sarah

Everyone did great learning our musical opposites: forte & piano, high and low, and presto & lento. Now, we’ve just begun a new unit on call and response songs. What a surprise it was to everyone when I said they were not going to be my echo for our new songs! In our call and response songs, I sing one part and the class sings a different part. This can be tricky!

In the asynchronous lessons, we’ll be alternating between reviewing musical opposites and practicing call & response songs. We’ll also be continuing the “Meet the Orchestra” portion of the self-guided lessons. I love these videos because sometimes there are talented musical guests, and sometimes you get to see me attempt to play instruments I’m not used to playing!

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