This month we will begin our new unit of study “Plants”. Children move from exploring the properties and uses of water and light to observing and learning about different kinds of plants.

In this unit of study, students will learn

• Plants are living things; every part of a plant has an important function.

• Plants grow from seeds and need water, nutrients and light to live.

• Plants are all around us.

• There are many different types of plants.

• Plants are important for many reasons.

Exciting News!

We have received our fertilized eggs and look forward to the chicks hatching!

May is National Inventors Month!

Suggested Reads:

Have You Thanked an Inventor Today? by Patrice McLaurin

Abby Invents Unbreakable Crayons By Arlyne Simon

Art with Ms. Lorna

In May we will be working with materials from nature as part of our “Plants” unit. Our art activities will include making rubbings and prints, as well as working with collage and construction materials. I am excited to share some news about two of our Little Brooklyn Pre-K artists: Asa MacPhee and Nico Hyon-Lin are P.S. Art 2021 winners! P.S. Art celebrates the visual arts in New York City’s public schools and showcases student artwork from every neighborhood across the city. Asa and Nico’s artwork was selected from almost 800 entries to be included in the P.S. Art 2021 exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art from June to October. Congratulations Asa and Nico!

Music with Ms. Sarah

It’s been great to get to hear everyone’s individual voices as we’ve explored solo singing in the live music lessons. I am so proud of the way everyone has grown in musical confidence this year! This month, we will begin learning songs from around the world! Kuma San, a song we’ll be learning in Japanese, is one of my favorite songs -- it’s so fun to move along to! We’ll also be dancing and listening to songs from different genres, especially in the self-guided lessons.

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