Our school philosophy is that young children learn best when given an opportunity to discover and explore the world around them. Cognitive and language development for young children begins with sparking a curiosity, exploring and interacting with peers as well as the adults. Social interactions and imaginative play provides opportunities for children to discover, communicate ideas and make meaning in order to develop ones thinking skills where teachers can then scaffold. Developing classrooms that motivate children to become active participates in learning, as well as providing opportunities to learn through exploration, inquiry and problem solving. Involving young children to explore and discover will motivate ones desire to learn. 
To apply in person, please visit any 
of our centers or call 718-840-2840.
Little Brooklyn Pre-K Centers Locations:
  • 173-177 25th Street, Brooklyn NY 11232 
    Program Code: Z076
  • 219 25th Street, Brooklyn NY 11232
    Program Code: Z108
  • 305-307 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11215
    Program Code: Z093