This Month…

All Aboard! Next stop is the “Transportation” Unit of Study!

The Pre-K students at The Little Brooklyn PREK CENTER will be exploring different modes of transportation as it relates to themselves and their community.

In the month of December during Where We Live Unit of Study, the student’s explorations were focused on the buildings in their neighborhood and where people live. They also explored different types of animal shelters.

As they continue to explore these concepts in relation to themselves, families and friends, they will build upon them and expand to how they and the people in their community transport themselves between familiar buildings and throughout the city.

The focus will be:

How does my community use various modes of transportation?

This essential question will be answered through the exploration of the following focus questions:

  • What kinds of transportation do I use and why?
  • How are various modes of transportation similar and different?
  • Who operates the vehicles in my community?
  • How do we stay safe when using transportation?

Art with Ms. Clark

In Art we are continuing to learn about combining shapes in both two and three-dimensional artwork. In January we will be working with collage and construction materials to make vehicles as part of our “Transportation” unit.

Happy New Year!

Warm regards,

Ms. Clark

Music with Ms. Sarah

Now that the holidays have passed, we are going to be starting an exploration of world music. Thus far, we have been listening and moving to a lot of classical music, but we want to make our way around the globe! We'll encounter a lot of interesting instruments and learn to move in fun and exciting ways. 

We are also going to explore body percussion and composition through non-traditional notation (i.e. writing our own music without having to know how to write "real" music). I can't wait! 


Ø  Have your child bring gloves, hats, scarves … to school to keep them warm during our outdoor play!

Ø  Continue to practice zipping jackets.


Please click link below to check availability and schedule a school tour for The Little Brooklyn Pre-K at 3rd Ave. We look forward to meeting you!

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