This Month…

Our next unit of study will be plants. During this unit, students will incorporate their prior knowledge from our water and light unit. We will explore different kinds of plants that we eat, including fruit, vegetables, herbs, seeds etc. During this exploration, we will discuss the importance of different plants. These investigations will build student understanding of plants and increase their awareness of healthy eating, where food comes from and how plants help us stay healthy and grow.

Throughout this unit, we will plant various seeds such as peas, sunflowers, and beans and will measure and compare their growth. We will identify parts of a plant, read fiction and non-fiction books about plants, explore where plants grow. Our sprouts will be very engaged in learning during this unit. What better time than the spring season to discover share and enjoy nature’s beauty!

Some focus questions we will be investigating:

What are plants?

What do plants need and where do we find them?

What are some different kinds of plants?

Why are plants important?

We will be participating in the “Beautiful Stuff” project. As part of this project, we ask each student to collect beautiful stuff from home and bring it to school! We are looking for things from nature, metal, string, ribbon, beads, buttons, paper, and anything you can donate to our project. The “Beautiful Stuff” project aims to investigate what it means for children to sort, discover, and collect materials themselves. There will be a bin outside of the classrooms, please use this to drop off all the “Beautiful Stuff.”

Art with Ms. Clark

In Art we are finishing up our “Water” unit by creating visual elements for our opera performances. In April we will be studying plants—drawing from observation, painting, and making rubbings and prints.

Happy spring!

Ms. Clark

Music with Ms. Sarah

We have had so much fun learning about presto and lento (fast and slow) this month. We also tried keeping the beat with sand blocks and learned the difference between a call & response song and an echo song. Some call & response songs are really tricky!

Our focus for this month is on partner songs and circle songs. These are songs that require us to use teamwork, take turns, stay safe and follow directions. Many of these songs feel like games, so I anticipate this being a very fun unit for us! 



Ø  Please read to your child everyday.

Ø  Pack a healthy lunch and snack.

Ø  Check your child’s folder daily.

Some of the books that will enhance our learning about plants include:

  • Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt by Kate Messner
  • The Curious Garden by Peter Brown
  • An Orange in January by Dianna Hutts Aston
  • The Vegetables We Eat by Gail Gibbons

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NYU Dental Visit
April 5th
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April 11th
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April 16th
Met Opera performance
April 18th
Cooking Club:"Dirt Cups"
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