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In March, we completed our Light Unit. The children explored through inquiring and thinking critically about light, darkness and shadows. The children deepened their understanding of natural and man-made sources of light. Through hands-on materials as well as provide opportunities for children to make predictions and think about their world in increasingly abstract ways.

This month we will move on to learn about the properties and uses of water. Activities throughout this unit will prompt children to learn about water through hands-on explorations and provide opportunities to observe water in their immediate environment. We will begin the unit by considering where we can find water. Children will observe, describe and explore water in their classroom and throughout their environment such as bodies of water and weather. We will explore and observe ice and water at different temperatures and perform experiments with water and ice. In the third week children will think about how objects are affected when they are placed in water. This will lead them to think critically about why some items float and some sink.

Books we will be reading:

  • Water Dance by Thomas Locker
  • Rain! by Linda Ashman
  • Float by Daniel Miyares
  • Water Can Be by Laura Purdie Salas

Art with Ms. Lorna

In April we will begin our “Water” unit by exploring with watercolor paint including experimenting with pipettes as well as various brushes. We will also be drawing from observation and using collage and construction materials to create sea creatures.

Happy spring!

Music with Ms. Sarah 

I am so proud of the way everyone used their remembering brains for our call & response songs. We learned some silly songs like “John the Rabbit,” which only have one phrase to remember, and some trickier songs like “Did You Feed My Cow?” that have multiple response phrases. We also began integrating instruments in parts, using immense self-control to only play our instruments when it’s time!

This month, we’ll be continuing this work through composition, being silly in our own songwriting and adding our unique creative ideas! In enrichment, we are learning the ukulele in small groups as well and will use this time for additional songwriting and creative opportunities. I can’t wait to see what we come up with.

Parent Engagement 

In addition to staying safe, we talked about how to keep ourselves healthy. One way we do that in our Pre-K program is by washing our hands before eating, after play outside or after touching things that are dirty. We learned a new song to help remind us how to wash our hands. You might want to sing it with your child:

Top and bottoms, top and bottoms, in between, in between, scrub the germs away, scrub the germs away, now they're clean, now they're clean. 

School Meals for April

Breakfast Menu

Lunch Menu 

Attendance is an important part of Pre-K

If your child is absent, please be sure to email an absent note. 

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