What’s Happening?

Our last unit of study is babies and transformation! Children continue to study living things by moving from observing and learning about different kinds of plants to the needs and characteristics of different kinds of animal babies. Children will establish their understanding of babies by considering the question what do babies need.

Our students will conclude the year by investigating how things change over time. This is an opportunity for students to apply knowledge and skills they learned in previous units, but also to prepare and think about the transition that will bring for the children as they step up into Kindergarten.

To learn this concept, children will begin the unit by considering the questions:

  • What changes around me?
  • How can objects change?
  • What kinds of change happen in nature?
  • How will I continue to grow and change?

We will also be observing the life cycle of a butterfly!

They will come to our school as baby caterpillars and transform into butterflies! We will then release them into our community garden!

It has been a pleasure having your children in our class this year. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each and every one of them and being a part of their exciting Pre-K journey of discovery and growth. We are sad to see them go, but at the same time we are very excited for them as they move on to Kindergarten.

Books that we will be reading.

Babies Don’t Walk, They Ride! by Kathy Henderson

Follow Me! Animal Parents and Babies by Shira Evans

Have a wonderful summer! Thank you for all of your support throughout the year. It has been a wonderful school year!

Art with Ms. Lorna

In Art we are working on texture collages, cardboard constructions of baby animals and humans, and animal homes made from recycled materials as part of the “Babies” unit. In our final unit, “Transformation,” we will be making self-portraits, working with recycled materials, and weaving.

Music with Ms. Sarah

I can’t believe it’s already June! How time flies when we’re having fun! We loved dancing and singing to Kuma San last month (take a look at my google classroom for a bonus Kuma San remote lesson) and continue our exploration of music around the world and genres with a look into hip hop. Hip hop has it all: music, dancing, fashion, its own culture! Plus, it was birthed in our own NYC. 

Lastly, we’ll be going back to all our favorite activities. We’ll have the opportunity to vote on our favorite dances and songs to bring back to class! What a great year it’s been!

Parent Engagement 

In addition to staying safe, we talked about how to keep ourselves healthy. One way we do that in our Pre-K program is by washing our hands before eating, after play outside or after touching things that are dirty. We learned a new song to help remind us how to wash our hands. You might want to sing it with your child:

Top and bottoms, top and bottoms, in between, in between, scrub the germs away, scrub the germs away, now they're clean, now they're clean. 

Please read to your child every day.

Pack a healthy lunch and snack.

Please label their snack and lunch.

School Meals for June

Breakfast Menu

Lunch Menu 

Attendance is an important part of Pre-K

If your child is absent, please be sure to email an absent note. 

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June 3rd
Staff Development Day - No School
June 8th
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June 10th
Sweet with Someone Sweet!
June 18th
Stepping Up Ceremony!
June 25th
Last Day of School! Half Day! 
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