The children will move from exploring transportation to inquiring and thinking critically about light, darkness and shadows. This unit provides opportunities for children to observe objects and phenomena in their environment with increasing complexity. The children will deepen their understanding of natural and man-made sources of light. Activities throughout the unit prompt children to explore light, darkness and shadows with hands-on materials as well as provide opportunities for children to make predictions and think about their world in increasingly abstract ways. Throughout this unit, there are many opportunities to develop children’s literacy skills. Children will enjoy literature, engage in discussions around stories, and retell and act out stories they have read. Children will build on what they know about light, darkness, and shadows through informational texts. They will explore vocabulary words such as “silhouette” and “transparent” to continue to develop their language skills as they engage in scientific explorations and thinking. Towards the end of the month, we will introduce the Water unit. The students will learn about the properties and uses of water. Activities throughout the unit will prompt children will learn about water through hands-on explorations and provide opportunities to observe water in their immediate environment. 

Books we will be reading ... 

Moonbear’s Shadow by Frank Asch 

Water Dance by Thomas Locker 

Rain! by Linda Ashman

Art with Ms. Lorna

In Art we have been drawing and making collages using black and white materials as part of our “Light” unit. We will also mix colors with white and black tempera paint to make tints and shades. In March we will begin our “Water” unit by exploring with watercolor paint including experimenting with pipettes as well as various brushes. We will also be drawing from observation and using col

Music with Ms. Sarah

This month we will learn about connections between nature and music. Some activities will include writing songs about nature observations, exploring the way that different cultures use music to celebrate the Earth, and learning about instruments which mimic the sounds of our world.

Parent Engagement

**Please continue practicing wearing masks at home and/or when going out** Attendance is an important part of Pre-K … If your child is absent, please be sure to email an absent note

School Meals for March 

Breakfast Menu

Lunch Menu 

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