3K Focus Questions:

4K Focus Questions:

Some Books We Will Read 3K

Some Book We Will Read Pre-K

Attendance is an important part of 3K/Pre-K. 

If your child is absent, please be sure to email or send in an absent note. Keep child home if following symptoms occur (fever of x100 or above + cold, runny nose, cough, congestion etc.)

 All visitors entering the school must have a valid ID, Proof of Vaccination, the Health Screening Badge and wear a mask to sign in with School Safety.

Little Brooklyn Pre-K Center @ 219 25th Street Z108
Ms. Nicole - Special Education Teacher
 Ms. Natalie - Teacher
 Ms. Nancy - Teacher Assistant
 Ms. Madona - Teacher Assistant 

June 2022

Family Engagement 

Make reading a daily part of life, Examples: read road signs, recipes and directions

Have children practice their counting at home. Examples: count the coins in your purse, count the chairs at the table.. Make it fun!

During bath time have the children predict if their toys will sink or float.