Welcome to Unit 7: Water

In this unit, children will learn about water and its properties through hands-on exploration. We will learn about substances that dissolve or expand in water. Lastly, we will learn how important water is in our daily lives and how it helps living things survive.

Our focus questions will be:

• Where can we find water?

• What happens to water when it changes temperature?

• What happens when we put things in water?

• How does water help us?

Family Engagement:

-Talk to your child about water changing from liquid to solid and vice versa. Demonstrate by making ice cubes with them.

-Talk about animals that live in water.

-During bath time, have children predict if their toys will sink or float.

-Talk about all the uses of water in the home.

Books We Will Read

Water Dance by Thomas Locker

Rain! By Linda Ashman

Snow by Uri Shulevitz

Float by Daniel Miyares

Water Can Be… by Laura Purdie Salas

The school day begins at 8:30am and ends at 2:00pm.

**Please have your child’s health badge ready at arrival.

During arrival & dismissal please adhere

to social distancing and keep 6ft apart.

Attendance is an important part of Pre-K. If your child is absent, please send in an absent note.

Please check to make sure your child has an extra set of seasonal appropriate clothes. Also, provide appropriate footwear for outdoor play.

All visitors entering the school must have a valid ID, the Health Screening Badge and wearing a mask to sign in with School Safety.

Important Dates

    April 5th- Welcome Back from Spring Break!

    April 10th-16th. Week of the Young Child

    April 13th- Staten Island Zoo Virtual Trip

    April 14th- Mystery Reader

    April 26th- Chick Hatching Program Begins

    April 28th- Picture Day

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We are going outside every day with our little ones, especially as the weather gets warmer! Please dress them in appropriate clothes for outdoor play as well as RUBBER- SOLED SHOES.

Little Brooklyn Pre-K Center @ 219 25th Street Z108
Ms. Nicole - Special Education Teacher
 Ms. Natalie - Teacher
 Ms. Nancy - Teacher Assistant
 Ms. Madona - Teacher Assistant 

Music with Ms. Shannon

As part of our water unit, we are going to create water xylophones using small glass jars and colored water. We will explore the different sounds created by the water xylophones, and create our own songs using these sounds. We will also learn a variety of songs about water and sea creatures, such as “Baby Beluga”, “Down By The Bay”, and “Galumph Went The Little Green Frog”.