It’s hard to believe that the school year is coming to an end! The children have grown, made new friends and learned so much through a variety of exciting and challenging experiences. We hope you have enjoyed being a part of our school community as much as we have enjoyed being a part of your family! IT’S BEEN A VERY BUSY YEAR But… No list would be complete without mentioning our fantastic Pre-K parents. THANK YOU PARENTS!!!

**Due to capacity limitations, we must adhere to a strict two-guest policy.

All guests attending must bring their stepping up ceremony ticket, 2 guests per student.

Unit of Study: Babies

Essential Question: What are babies?

Focus Questions:

  •  What do human babies need ?
  •  What can we learn about animal babies?
  •  How do babies change?

Welcome to our unit of study on Babies. The children continue to study living things by moving from observing and learning about different kinds of plants to the needs and characteristics of different kinds of animal babies. Since humans are members of the animal kingdom, this includes the opportunity to study human babies. The study of babies has high interest and relevance for children in pre-K as they may have younger family members or experiences with younger children or babies in their daily lives. The children themselves are developing increasing independence and awareness of who they are and what they can do.


Addition: Children will learn how to “add on to” one number to make another number just as you would in a simple arithmetic problem. Children will also determine how many they have to add on to reach a target number.

Ordinal Numbers: Children will be provided with opportunities to use and understand numbers that do not emphasize how many but, instead, in what position, including the words, first, second, third, and up to tenth.

Shape Composing: Children will continue to create different shapes by putting together smaller shapes. They will learn and understand that two or more shapes can combine to make another specific shape.

Literacy Corner

One of the best ways to keep kids learning this summer is to read books together. Below are some suggested summer reads:

On the First Day of Kindergarten by Rabe and Hughes

Look Out Kindergarten Here I Come! by Nancy Carlson

The Wonderful Things You Will Be by Emily Winfield Martin

Tips for Parents

Ways to prepare your Child for KINDERGARTEN

  • Read books everyday.
  • Develop fine motor skills: holding a pencil, coloring and cutting with scissors.
  • Talk about Social Skills: sharing, taking turns, positive words, talk about handling anger.
  • Help your child take responsibility: clean up messes, dress themselves, get their own snacks.

Visit or walk past the school your child will be attending in the fall and discuss what looks different and the same about their current program and their new school.

During arrival & dismissal please adhere to social distancing and keep 3ft apart.

Attendance is an important part of Pre-K. If your child is absent, please send in an absent note.

All visitors entering the school must have a valid ID, the Health Screening Badge and wear a mask to sign in with School Safety.

June 3rd : Chancellor’s Conference Day-NO School

June 8th : Clerical Day – NO School

June 18th : Virtual Father’s Day celebration

June 15-17th : Stepping Up Ceremonies

June 25th : 11:15 AM Dismissal LAST DAY of School

NYC School Survey 2021: (May 10th to June 11th)

Families can take the survey online via computer or mobile device at in any of the ten DOE supported languages.

For the survey codes families will enter “f” followed by their child’s nine-digit Student Identification (OSIS) Number. Note that “f” must be lowercase. Families can find their child’s Student Identification (OSIS) Number from their child’s classroom teacher.

Share the great news!!!

The Little Brooklyn Pre-K Center is happy to announce the opening of 3K at both 25th street locations starting this September 2021.

*173 25th Street, Brooklyn, NY *219 25th Street, Brooklyn NY

Code: 15Z0763K Code: 15Z1083K

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173-177 25th (Z076) Street 
Brooklyn NY 11232
Elizabeth Benitez
Site Coordinator
Ms. Michelle
Teacher- Class 103
Ms. Yadira
Assistant Teacher - Class 103
Ms. Jennifer
Teacher- Class 106
Ms. Ashley
Assistant Teacher - Class 106
Ms. Ketty
12:1:2 Teacher- Class 107
Ms. Claudia & Ms. Melissa
12:1:2 Assistant Teachers- Class 107
Ms. Jennes
Duel Spanish Teacher- Class 205
Ms. Samantha 
Dual Spanish Assistant Teacher- Class 205
Ms. Jalilah
Visual Arts Teacher
Ms. Fanny
Dual Chinese Teacher- Class 202
Ms. Nicole
Dual Chinese Assistant Teacher- Class 202
Ms. Ilona
Speech Provider
Ms. Nechama
Occupational Provider
Ms. Lucia
Physical Therapist Provider