This month children in 3K will continue to learn about their community and have the opportunity to explore how things in their environment move. They will learn about different types of vehicles in the environment, different ways to travel through the city. They will explore how their bodies move and investigate the moving parts of things. Children in 4K begin their unit on Water and will learn about water through hands-on explorations and observe water in their immediate environment. We will learn the properties, uses and importance of water in children’s daily lives. We will learn about substances that dissolve or expand in water. Through the activities, children will build on the information they gather about water and think about how water helps living things.



What vehicles do children notice in their environment?

What are the different ways that we travel through our city?

What are somethings that children notice that move?

What are some things that children notice about how their bodies move?


Where can we find water?

What happens to water when it changes temperature?

What happens when we put things in water?

How does water help us?

Books we will read:


Let's Go for a Drive! By Mo Williems

Subway by Anastasia Suen

Along a Long Road by Frank Viva

A Hop is Up By Kristy Dempsey


Water Dance by Thomas Locker

Rain! By Linda Ashman

Snow By Uri Shulevitz

Float by Daniel Miyares

Water Can Be By Laura Purdie Salas

Family Engagement


Try a sink and float experiment while giving your child a bath. Have children predict if object will sink or float before experiment. Ask Why? While cooking or eating talk about the foods that have water in them. Talk about different animals that live in the water. Talk to your children about the different types of vehicles they see on land, air and water. Discuss

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