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We read these amazing books in Pre- K 205 that helped us celebrate and appreciate our similarities and our differences.  The children used multicultural paint to create paintings of themselves and their friends and families that have different color skin than they do. We also used multicultural construction paper to create an All About Us Rainbow. All of these read alouds, discussions and activities helped the children comprehend that no matter how different we all are on the outside we are all the same inside. That we all have feelings, we all feel happy and sad, we all get scared and nervous. That we all have a heart, that when we fall, all of our blood is red. That all of our different skin tones create an amazing and beautiful rainbow.  That we are like all of the colorful flowers that create a beautiful garden. That we are like the yummy food that we enjoy eating, like peanut butter, butterscotch topping , chocolate cupcakes, french toast, peaches, vanilla ice cream and honey too. That we are all special, unique and different and the same too. That it’s ok to be different. That it’s ok to care and love for someone that looks different than us. That when we all stand side-by-side in our beautiful hues we all make this a better and happier world. 

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The Brooklyn Town Building

Artist: Maximus Umanov PreK-116 The Little Brooklyn Pre-K Center at 3rd Avenue

The Little Brooklyn Pre-K Centers is proud to announce Maximus Umanov Class 116 is a P.S. Art 2020 winner! His artwork, The Brooklyn Town Building, was selected from over 1,000 entries to be included in the P.S. Art 2020 exhibition. P.S. Art celebrates the visual arts in New York City’s public schools and showcases student artwork from every neighborhood across the city. Due to the pandemic, the annual opening reception at The Metropolitan Museum of Art was held virtually. However, the actual exhibition is on view from October 8 until February 14 at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in the Ruth and Harold D. Uris Center for Education.

Congratulations to Maximus Umanov and Ms. Lorna Clark, Visual Arts teacher!

2020 P.S. Art Winner

Artwork: Thr Brooklyn Town Building 

Artist: Maximus Umanov PK-116 The Little Brooklyn Pre-K Centers

Visual Art Teacher: Ms. Lorna Clark