What’s Happening This Month…

This month we will continue to reinforce classroom routines, procedures, and rules that we have introduced in September. We are so proud of how all the students have settled in and adjusted to their new classroom environment! This month we will introduce our new unit of study, My Five Senses. Pre-K children naturally use their senses to explore the world around them. During this unit, your child will have the opportunity to develop a wide variety of skills by using his/her senses in hands on learning and play. We will be working on developing children’s abilities to take in information about the world through sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

We would like to begin our Mystery Reader on Friday, October 13th at 9:00am. We will have a sign up sheet posted on Shutterfly so parents can sign up! It will be so much fun, but please keep it a secret from your child!

On Thursday, Oct 19th, we will learn about the Festival of Lights. We will paint clay pots as part of the tradition.

We will also have a “Costume Parade” on Tuesday, October 31st. We will be walking around the block. This will take place during first period 8:45am.

Art with Ms. Clark

We started the school year in Art by making lines—exploring with a variety of materials including crayon, chalk, pencil, paint, and paper strips. In October, we will be making collages using materials in two main categories: visual and tactile. We will use collage materials such as pre-cut paper shapes, ripped paper, and various textured items, including objects collected from nature. Important concepts and art elements will be discussed: shapes, texture, layering, and overlapping. The collage unit will also connect to the classroom unit, “My Five Senses.”

Happy fall, Ms. Clark


  •  Please pack a healthy snack each day
  • Practice zippering jackets
  • Read to your child each night

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October 6
Parents as Learning Partners
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October 9
Columbus Day
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October 13 
Mystery Reader
October 20 
Trip to Two Boots
October 31
Costume Parade
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