What’s Happening This Month…

The children are continuing to learn all about themselves, their peers and people around them. In preparing for the Where We Live unit, our students will be taking neighborhood walks to take a closer look at where we live. The children will move from inquiring and thinking critically about themselves, their classmates and their family to the spaces that those people live in. Additionally, the children will inquire and learn about the homes of animals, both pets living in homes and those animals that create their own homes. Some questions that we will focus on for this unit are:
  • Where do I live?
  • Where do my family members live?
  • Where do people and animals live?
  • What types of homes do the people in my city (NYC) live in?
  • How do people and animals make homes?

We will read about different kinds of homes and discuss where different members of their families live. In this unit, our goal is to foster an awareness of the diversity of living environments and explore how New Yorkers live in many types of homes and buildings. 

Art with Ms. Clark

In Art we have been learning about shapes using collage materials and shape stamps for printmaking. We are discovering that sometimes shapes can be placed together to make a person, a vehicle, or a pattern. In December, we will be working with 3D materials to make homes for people and animals using recycled materials as part of the classroom unit, "Where We Live."

Please consider donating small cardboard boxes for Art- sturdy, non-slick surfaces with minimal text and imagery are best. There will be a collection bin outside of the nurse's office.

Warm regards,

Ms. Clark

Books We Will Be Reading

  • ABC Book of American Homes, by Michael Shoulders
  • ABC NYC, by Joanna Dugan
  • Animals at Home, by David Lock
  • Annie and the Wild Animals, by Jan Brett
  • Corduroy, by Don Freeman
  • Dreaming Up: A Celebration of Building, by Christy Hale 

  • Please read to your child everyday.
  • Pack a healthy lunch and snack.
  • Check your child's mailbox daily.
  • Practice zipping coats and jackets.

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December 1
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December 5
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December 13
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December 15
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December 19
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December 25- January 1
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